Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back into the Battle

With the help of a volunteer research assistant I sampled some local specialties recently. A nice, smooth, malty brown wheat beer (Matt's Wheat) is a home brew success. Drinks like a session beer but packs a six and a half percent ABV wallop.

Less successful, despite a long track record as a Maine classic: the Burnt Trailer. Equal parts Allen's Coffee Brandy and Moxie, this drink is pure wretched. I was just barely able to choke mine down. And, uncharacteristically, when my research assistant gave up on hers after a mere sip, I was unable to finish her drink. A shame. And we were in Westbrook, which seems like an appropriate locale.

On a more positive note, while the folks at Peak Organic aren't currently working on a large batch Ruckus (the unequivocal hit of the 2009 Maine Brewer's Fest), the do have a new Imperial Red Ale, the King Crimson. It may not be readily available until later in 2010, however.


Jim said...

King Crimson is on tap at the Great Lost Bear right least it was still available there on Tuesday. I don't know how long it will last.

Pete said...

Terrific news. Thanks. I will check it out today and report back.

RoadFox said...

Drinking Matt's wheat right now while watching Scal rain threes on the hawks. This is a great combo. Terrific home brew that brings me back to autumn scents and colors. Goes down smooth with an apple blossom finish. Combined with a 6.5% ABV, I give this 5/5 pint glasses!

Pete said...

Yes, that's a terrific and appropriate Matt's Wheat review, RoadFox. I didn't do it justice. The only excuse I offer is that I was limited to one bottle which I was required to share with my research assistant. It all begs for a more thorough tasting session.