Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Beers of Summer

Maine's freeze is over
I have a new source of SADS
Good-by winter brews

The long Maine winter has come to an end. I should be happy, and generally, I am. But I pause here for a minor rant:

Why must we drink bad beer just because the weather is nice?

Dogfish Cafe' replaced the wonderful, hearty, malty Allagash Dubbel with the cliched Allagash White. Compounding the issue, there are no other potable local beers in the place. I drank the White. Margaritas is now devoid of any drinkable beer. Stumped, I ordered a margarita to wash down my mediocre Mexican meal. Chef Et Al, which should be the thursday night hangout of choice, has succumbed to the trend as well: gone is the Copperhook, replaced by a Shipyard Summer. Click on the ad for the summer posted here: they actually position it as a beer which is virtually devoid of flavor. Astonishing!

Here's my suggestion to all bar owners and tenders:

1. Keep the Allagash White, it's popular, refreshing and true to the genre.
2. If you must swap out beers with the season, backfill the Dubbel with the Tripel in the summer.
3. HSA is now brewed year round. Some are offended by this. I'm not, it's good. Offer it year round.
4. Have two IPA on offer: we don't have an aggressive IPA brewed locally so you'd need to offer something like the Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA. The second tap should be local--make it the Frye's Leap.
5. One tap should be a stout, one of the local options works fine.
6. The Shipyard Export tap would appeal to drinkers (using the term loosely) who enjoy flavorless brew.
7. Never pour anything labelled "light". Keep water handy for patrons who request a light beer.

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