Monday, February 23, 2009

Avoid Temptation

During these challenging economic times, it's easy to succumb to temptation and drink bad beer, under the misguided logic that consuming weasel piss will somehow stimulate one's own economic circumstances. On one notable occasion, I found myself in a near catatonic state, stumbling around the Hanaford's with a 30-pack of PBR under my arm. Fortunately I was able to rein myself in (a special on Allagash Curieux helped!).

Here's some tips in avoiding the tawdry temptation of bad beer:

1. Break the week down, and take it day-by-day. On Monday, head to the Dogfish Bar and Grille (Free Street) and drink the $1 drafts--several of which are both good and locavore compliant. Splurge on the half-priced appetisers. Follow the same pattern on Tuesday, when the draft price soars to $2. It's still a bargain.

2. On Wednesday, mix it up a bit, and remember that good beer is much, much more important than good food. Buy several bottles of your favorite local brew and swing through the McDonalds (yes, it's a national chain but it provides local jobs) drive through. Buy a McDouble, two McSalads, and a McNugget. That's $4. Get home, crack the first beer. Sip it, gently. Two minutes later, crack the second. Wash down your appetiser (the McDouble). Open your third beer and pour the two McSalads into a large bowl. Add the MacNuggets. Add your favorite dressing. This version of the MacCesar is your dinner, enjoy. Find a Seinfeld re-run and drink another beer. It's hump day!

3. Thursday is easy, it's the Great Lost Bear. Drink the special (they have a special every Thursday), it's always good.

4. On Friday, pair up and pick a sandwich shop. The locals (Ananias, Colluci) run their version of the $5 foot long: 3 Italian sandwiches for $10 or so. This is a deal. Split the sandwiches with your partner. Drink your favorite local brew.

You've made it through the work week. The week end is easy. You can do this!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Wow! This is a fabulous beer. It's at the Sebago Brew Pubs now (they have it at the one at Market and Middle anyway), and it is worth the trip. It has filled a missing void in the local brew scene. I had a full on beergasm with the first sip, and I enjoyed evry bit of all three that I consumed.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's True!

According to Adam at the Dogfish Bar & Grill(e): $1 drafts on Monday; $2 on Tuesday; $3 on Wednesday. Starts next week. They have Allagash Dubbel and for those of you with no locavore restrictions, Rogue Dead Guy, among other offerings.

Rumors on the Internets

There is a rumor out there, as yet unconfirmed, that the Dogfish Bar and Grille (Free Street) will be offering their $1 draft special on Monday nights again, starting next week. This is a tremendous deal, needless to say. And they have some really good draft beers, generally. Allagash Dubbel is a regular feature, for example.

I'll work to confirm this rumor.

On the weekend (past) I had the marvelous cask conditioned Marshall Wharf Cant Dog at Novare Res. This is no rumor, it's there and it's tremendous.

Thursday, this week, will be a GLB stop.

One note: I've dropped the masochistic "no alchohol during the week" rule. The authorities have ruled that it, like water-boarding, is torture.