Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More from the Beerathalon

Unfortunately I have a leg injury and will be unable to participate in the first event (not pictured here) of the Beerathalon this week. I'll have to make up for it by hammering the second event.

The Beautiful Beer

With the World Cup looming I've been scouting appropriate viewing venues. RiRa was the go to spot in 2006, and remains a favorite for 2010. The two Allagash offerings pictured here were recommended by Joe, the man behind the stick at RiRa. They are both terrific beers: the Malone is a Belgian/IPA fusion that is bold, tart, complex, and delicious. The Four has four of everything--hops, malt, and flavor. Earthy balance. 10+% alcohol. Packs a punch but is deceptively smooth on the way down.

It's going to be a good tournament!