Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The Downtown Lounge has long been one of my favorite watering holes. A little worn at the heels, with a rode hard and put away wet feel that is my tavern equivalent of comfort food. A limited but above average beer selection that generally includes HSA, my go to beer (sadly, the HSA has been replaced by Geary's Summer, probably until the weather sucks again). Good food, professionally prepared. Friendly but not overbearing bar staff. Regulars, who settle in and order their regular with a nod, then read or watch TV or chat quietly with other regulars. It's a terrific place.

And it just got a whole lot better! The food specials--items like tacos, Greek/chicken/steak salads, burgers--are half off until 8 pm! So, a real meal for less than McDonalds prices. Take last night: Research Assistant and I polished off a Greek Salad and an order of pork tacos, washed down with 3 Long Trail IPAs, and the bill was 20 bucks. The food was delicious. I'll be back, maybe tonight!

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