Wednesday, July 30, 2008

That's What I'm Talking About

I'm on a business trip again. New Jersey this time. I met some old friends for a beer(s) and a burger. It was great catching up with my friends and re-telling old stories and laughing at them as if they were new stories. The evening was enhanced by several Victory HopDevil beers. This is the kind of beer that I feel is missing from the Portland beer scene: exquisitely hoppy but coupled with a strong enough malt back beat so that the result is a wonderfully flavorful offering. This is a great beer, and an example of why I've launched my protest (last post). Brewed in Pennsylvania and drunk in New Jersey, I was locavore compliant.

Monday, July 28, 2008

One Man Protest

With all the brewing talent in Portland, and, indeed, within the locavore confines, why don't we have an extra hoppy, assertive American or Imperial IPA option? We are too balanced! I want the big, bold, bitter flavor of a 90 minute Dogfish Head IPA--or the equivalent. Until we get one, I'm going to launch a protest: if the 90 minute IPA is available, and the other option(s) are limited to a more traditional English IPA, I'm going to drink the 90 minute, locavore be damned!

This is a bold move but the time has come. What the fuggles, bring on the intense hops IPA!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today's Challenge

I'm going to get through the day drinking only three different drinks: black coffee (0 calories); water (0 calories); and beer (rumored to contain claories). I have 2 Geary's Summer Ales, 1 HSA, and one Allagash White (750 ml bottle) at home in the 'fridge. From a quantity standpoint, that should do it. I might want more assertive taste, however, so may need to stop and add to the mix.

Three different drinks in a given day is the bare minimum, I believe. Without coffee, the day would not exist. Without water, I would be improperly hydrated and therefore unhealthy. And life without beer? Perish the thought.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Locavore's Delimma

I'm now in the second half of my year as a beer locavore. I've come across three significant hurdles to living the beer locavore lifestyle. These challenges have, at times, literally brought me to my knees. At other times, I have found myself in tears. The choices have been gut-wrenching. Sometimes, I have failed. As a result, I now view my strict locavore pledge as more a statement of high level principles. My strict locavore rules I now consider to be mere guidelines. Things change, we must adapt and move on.

Here's the three big challenges for a Portland, Maine-base beer locavore:

1. It's expensive being locavore. The other day, I found myself circling the Hanaford, a $10 18-pack of PBR (PBR has no breweries, extensive internets research neither proves nor dis-proves its locavore status) tucked under my arm. I tried to talk myself into buying it. On the third lap of the store, I started crying. I put it back, and bought an on sale 12 pack of Geary's HSA for $13. I dried my tears and moved on.

2. Things change. When I made the infamous pledge (now high-level principles), there was no Novare Res. There was no Prost! Now we have international beer bars. It's important to evolve as the situation evolves. Hence, guidelines, not rules.

3. The whole travel thing. Travel remains a huge challenge. There are many parts of this great nation which remain a beer blight on the horizon, suffering mightily at the hands of the beer fascists from A-B, Coors, and Miller. I refuse to be hamstrung by the evil-doer's tactics, and, when traveling, will opt for quality over shite.